SONR Headset
Listen to your favorite music while training
Open-ear 100% waterproof music player for athletes
Forget about boring training sessions
Push the limits with SONR multisport music player
Drag and drop music uploading. Plug the device into your computer and choose your favorite training content.
USB uploading
Bone-conduction technology ensures bud-free listening all day, in or out of the water.
Open-ear comfort
ATM5 waterproof rating of the SONR headset ensures that it can be submerged in water up to two meters deep for up to two hours.
100% waterproof
Keep your focus on every stroke with your favorite music
Keep your cadence while running
Enhance efficiency of your cycling training
Stay motivated in every type of training
Take control
Collect your most loved tracks into a perfect playlist and follow your training plan.
Keep your pace
Choose tracks with the right tempo and keep your pace for the entire training session.
Stay motivated
Select your favorite playlist and maintain your motivation level the highest.
Keep your cadence
Select a playlist that drives you on and meets your cadence objective for the entire ride.
Convenient design
The buds-free design offers you comfortable listening and keeps your ears open to hear external sounds.
Stay safe
Bone-conduction technology enables pleasant listening, without damaging your hearing.
Submerged listening
Listen to your favorite songs during training, even when your head is underwater thanks to bone-conduction.
100% waterproof
Keep listening to audio content without worrying about device's condition.
User-friendly design
Reach your goals with a lightweight and comfortable designed headset.
Tech Specs
Train and listen to music from your favorite apps
SONR Headset plays your Spotify, Amazon Music and other apps. Even when you don't have internet connection.
SONR headset plays your Spotify, Audible, and many other apps.

Listen to your loved tracks, audiobooks, and podcasts online or easily download them via WiFi in your favorite apps, then hit the training with offline playlists.
Amazon Music
Google Podcasts
Get your SONR headset now!
How to use it?
With SONR Headset you can listen to your favorite app playlist online or upload your tracks to the device and play them offline.
Press and hold on MFB button for 3 seconds to turn On/Off.
Press on MFB button to switch between Bluetooth and MP3 mode.
Press once on the MFB button to Play/Pause music.
Press on +/- buttons for turning the Volume Up/Down.
Press on the MFB button for Answering/Rejecting a call.
Press and hold for 3 seconds on +/- buttons for listening the Next/Previous track.
"This headset is perfect for me. I'm running 2 times a week and I love that it doesn't slips off my head when I have fast runs."
"It was so easy to start using it. I just uploaded my music and put it on. And it's amazing that I can connect it to my phone and listen to my Spotify playlist."
"I'm a triathlete and started using this headset but didn't expect too much from it. However, it works fantastic. The fact that I can use it in different training means a lot. Moreover, I can even take calls on it."
Sarah L.
Samuel W.
Alex L.
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SONR Inc is a company that develops technical innovations for sports. Dmitri Voloshin is the founder of SONR Inc, an entrepreneur from Eastern Europe, and more than a professional runner and swimmer.

Dmitri won the title of IronMan in Zurich, crossed the Bosphorus, became a national freediving champion, participated in the OceanMan swimming ultramarathon, and crossed the Strait of Gibraltar.

During his training sessions, he discovers the issues that he and other athletes face and tries to come up with ideas on how to solve them. Then, our team turns his ideas into reality.

We has successfully launched such products as SONR - a real-time communication system for swimming. SONR music was designed and developed by the same team that actively participated in SONR development.
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