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Listen to your fave music even underwater
100% waterproof music player
Forget about boring swimming laps
Open-ear underwater music player for swimmers
You can listen to your favourite songs and podcasts even underwater. Stay focused at every stroke!
Unique open ear player
Thanks to its sleek and lightweight design SONR does not provoke any discomfort. And your ears stay open.
Just 50 grams!
After just a few minutes of wearing, you forget about the device's presence.
8 hours of battery life
Don't be afraid of loosing the connections. 8 hours without charging.
8 GB of MP3 Storage
You can store a library of up to to 2000 songs.
Supports MP3, WAV,
Audio Training
Reach your maximum swimming speed with audio training.
Bone conduction technology
Bone conduction technology allows the swimmer to listen to favourite audio files being underwater.
Swimming laps are not boring anymore. Feel inspired.
Loud sound
Enjoy crystal-clear sound underwater.
What's in The Box
  • SONR Music
  • USB charging cable
  • Swimming earplugs
Thanks to its sleek and lightweight design SONR does not provoke any discomfort.
After just a few minutes of wearing, swimmers forget about the player's presence and fully focus on the training.
How to wear it?
SONR can be placed anywhere
on the swimmer's head
under the cap.
Don't like wearing a cap? SONR can be fixed on your goggles strap.
How To Upload
Audio Files To
SONR Music
Plug the USB end into your computer
Drag and drop your fave audio files into the drive
How to use SONR Music
Press 1x to start/ stop music
Press 2x to turn on the next song
Press 3x to turn on the previous song
Hold to turn SONR Music on/off
Be sure in the quality

Send it back stress-free
Customer tested and approved
2 years guarantee
45 day returns
Happiness Guaranteed
“This music player is exactly what I've been waiting since I started swimming. The laps are really boring for me. This device allows me to take my music out when I go swimming, without needing to take my phone with me to change tracks.
Sarah L.
“It was relatively easy to set up with the app, and it's quite intuitive to use. I love listening to my audio trainings being at the pool. Just don’t need to look for a coach and adjust to his free time.“
Samuel W.
“I've been using this for the last 4 months, swimming for up to 2 hours up to 5 times a week so I'm really pleased with it. The sound quality is really good.”
Alex L.
Choose your fave SONR Music
Tech Specs
Supports mp3, WAV, WMA,
Weighting just 50g
Battery life
8 h without charging
How to place the device?
SONR Music can be placed anywhere on the swimmer’s head. The best sound quality is on the temple. It can be placed under the swimming cap or using the special clip can be fixed on the strap of the goggles.
How can I upload the music?
The file transfer from a computer is a simple "drag and drop". It is essentially a USB Drive, where all you need to do is plug it into your computer and then drag and drop music files. Music compability: MP3 file types, AAC file types, WAV file types, WMA file types.
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