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Listen to your fave music even underwater
100% waterproof music player
Forget about boring swimming laps
Open-ear waterproof streaming player for swimmers
Listen to music ONLINE
With SONR music player you can listen to your favourite tracks, podcasts and audiobooks in your swim time.
Listen online or save your audio content in apps and enjoy your training.
Swim and listen to music from your favorite apps
SONR Music plays your Spotify, Amazon Music and other apps. Even when you don't have internet connection.
Listen to your loved tracks, audiobooks and podcasts online or easily download it via WiFi in your favorite apps, then hit the pool with offline playlists.

Note that some apps require a premium subscription to use offline playlists.
Amazon Music
Google Podcasts
Youtube Music
Apple Music
Stay focused on every movement with your fave music
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    Designed for Swimmers
    You can listen to your favourite songs, audiobooks and podcasts even underwater. Stay focused at every stroke!
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    No wires and headphones
    Thanks to its sleek and lightweight design SONR does not provoke any discomfort.
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    Bone-conduction technology
    Bone-conduction technology allows the swimmer to listen to favorite audio files being underwater.
Bone-conduction technology
Bone-conduction technology allows swimmer to hear the music being underwater.
Users of headphones know that earbuds often fall out during intense training. SONR can be placed anywhere on the swimmer’s head - under the swimming cap or on the goggles's strap using an included clip.
Thanks to its sleek and lightweight design SONR looks great, and after just a few minutes, you forget about listen to music and stay focused on the training.
How to wear it?
Thanks to its sleek and lightweight design SONR does not provoke any discomfort.
After just a few minutes of wearing, swimmers forget about the player's presence and fully focus on training.
Don't like wearing a cap?
SONR can be fixed on your goggles strap
SONR can be placed anywhere on the swimmer's head under the cap
How to use SONR Music
to turn on/off - hold the wave button
to enter menu, press the wave button
use the arrow buttons to change between menu items
wave button to select
in the menu, press the play/pause button to return to player controls
choose between a local playlist and your streaming playlist.
double tap the wave button to start bluetooth pairing

press play/pause button to start and stop playback
double tap wave button button to switch shuffle mode on/off
press arrow buttons to play next/previous song
hold arrow buttons to scroll through song
hold play button and press arrow buttons to adjust volume

The streaming music player helps my tranings to be more exiting.Thanks to it, I can listen to my Spotify Swimming playlist.

And I can see the name of the track and change it due to the display. Very handy!

Sarah L.

It's really easy to use the device and navigate the display. Streaming my Apple Music gives me the acces to any playlist.

Samuel W.

I've been using for a while. Swimming for up to 2 times a week, I'm so very pleased with it. The display is great to use and change tracks.

Alex L.
Tech Specs
Battery life
8 h without charging
Weighting just 50g
Supports 16 GB of mp3, WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC
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SONR Inc is a company that develops technical innovations for sports. Dmitri Voloshin is the founder of SONR Inc, an entrepreneur from Eastern Europe, and more than a professional runner and swimmer.

Dmitri won the title of IronMan in Zurich, crossed the Bosphorus, became a national freediving champion, participated in the OceanMan swimming ultramarathon, and crossed the Strait of Gibraltar.

During his training sessions, he discovers the issues that he and other athletes face and tries to come up with ideas on how to solve them. Then, our team turns his ideas into reality.

We has successfully launched such products as SONR - a real-time communication system for swimming. SONR music was designed and developed by the same team that actively participated in SONR development.
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